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How to upload You Tube videos with PC:

1. Go to: Mozilla and download the Fire Fox Web Browser for your PC
2. After downloading Mozilla, go ahead and use the Web Browser
3. Go to Tools, to Add-Ons, on the bottom left of this screen, you will see line: Get Extensions
4. Click on the link, and then search DownloadHelper, and download to FireFox
5. To the right of your address bar, you will see three balls connected in greenn, blue, and red, and an arrow.
6. This is your DownloadHelper
7. Go to You Tube
8. Search for a video
9. When you want to download the video, simply click on the arrow by the DownloadHelper icon.
10. The video will be download in flv (flash video) format
11. You can view the movies on your PC
12. If you want to insert into a PPT, you will need to convert the file to .wmv
13. A free (as always) alternative to convert the .flv to .wmv is VLC media player
14. Click on the VLC media player link and download
15. Follow the: How to convert flv to wmv with VLC link and follow the instructions
16. This will allow you to have a .wmv file, which can be placed in a PPT