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Creating a Podcast-

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What is a podcast?

Take a look at the links below, and get a feel for a podcast:
simple podcast definition
podcast information
educational uses for podcasting
Especially check out the last link concerning educational uses for podcast.
Scroll a little bit for the information about educational use.

1. Go to http://www.epnweb.org/ and check out the educational podcast.

2. For easy to follow instructions for the steps below, go
to Hoke Wilcox Podcasting for Educators and download his podcast .docs

3. Go to Audacity and download Audacity'

4. Go to Lame mp3 encoder and download lame
(Do not worry about getting lame to work, the first time Audacity is used,
you will be prompted to use lame.)

5. Get a microphone ready on your computer.

6. Get a feel for creating an audio file with Audacity.

7. Go for it! Create an audio file and save!

8. Change your audio file to an mp3 file (rename the file).

9. Upload your mp3 file to your blog, wikispace, webpage, server....any will do.

10. Create an internal hyperlink to you mp3 file, you will use this hyperlink to create
an rss feed using the step below:

11. Create an rss feed with Feed Burner (you will copy your url)

12. Keep in mind, that at this point, you have create an audio file. A "true" podcast
is published on a podcast hosting service like itunes, or Educational Podcasting Network.
Following the instructions for publishing a podcast (you may decide an audio file
is all that is needed, depending on the audio file).

For the total geek (this is just fyi, not a must): Formating ID3 Tags

Congratulations on creating your first podcast!

Do you have a Mac & want to use Garage Band? Step by Step Mac Podcasting Instructions