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Ultimate Frisbee 2009

Students will begin Spring Semester with a 5 week Ultimate Frisbee Unit. The unit will be facilitated using the
Sport Education Model. The students will also be creating their own videos for assessment purposes. The students
are empowered to learn, share, create, collaborate, and assess the learning process.a

Step One: Students observed a video sharing the cues for the backhand frisbee toss.
Step Two: The students wrote the cues down for the backhand frisbee toss.
Step Three: Students chose tentative teams and wrote their names on a piece of paper.
Step Four: Roles were decided upon for the day: Equipment Manager, Collector, Media Person, & Actor.
Step Five: These roles were added by the students names.
Step Six: Collector went to Ms. Carmon for team note book.
Step Seven: Collector place each team members cue sheet in the team notebook, with the names and roles at the front.
Step Eight: Materials Manager chose frisbee for the group.
Step Nine: Groups take notebook, frisbee, and video device up to the gym.
Step Ten: The group explores throwing a frisbee using the cues.
Step Eleven: The materials manager get video device if needed.
Step Twelve: The group creates how to throw a backhand frisbee toss. The groups states date, class period & day, team member's names, the skill they are introducing, and the cues.
Step Thirteen: The materials manager returns video device.
Step Fourteen: The students practice throwing using cues until dismissal.