Integrating Technology into Physical Education Part I Wikispace Example/ Rubric

2.5 points 1. You should have a graphic on your site (the bee in the left corner is an example) .

2.5 points 2. You should have a digital picture uploaded to your site with caption (see below).
Fitness Cups in Action

5 points 3. You should have your professional philosophy (see below).

She believes that students should be given the tools to live active healthy lives. Giving students the passion and confidence to incorporate physical activity into their lives now and in the future is her primary goal. Ms. Carmon is also equally passionate in the belief that integrating technology in an interesting and meaningful way results in motivated, moving students.

10 points 4. You should list 5of your favorite sites:
My favortie links
**PE Central**
**Teacher Tube**
**School Health & Safety Links**
PE Central

.5 points 5. You should add a link back to

5 points 6. You should add links back to the other participants wikispaces.

10 points 7. Create a discussion board post on your page & answer the discussion board post on this page.

50 points may be earned on this assignment